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Brain Brain

"Effects of imposed training on the left and right side of the human brain"

The idea behind this project came from a walk around Geneva. I imagined a patient following a program that studies the brain, more specifically the difference of use between the left and the right side. But while participating in the study, he breaks his right arm.

Being a bit of an artist the patient is presented with a problem, he cannot draw with his right hand anymore and maybe never will again. He therefore chooses to practice his drawing skills with his other hand, the left. The slight jitter in his left hand produces an interesting effect that he decides to take advantage of. Meanwhile the program he entered notices his use of each side of the brain is changing very slightly. His right brain activity increases. And presumably with it, his creativity and artistic talent.

For this project I played around with a simple font I designed thinking of the order in the left brain. The font therefore has a very straight and geometric feel to it. Incorporating hand drawing into the book was very interesting, I didn’t want to keep a simple black pencil feel, but wanted to show the colours of the drawing so I applied a simple color gradient to the scanned drawings.


Patrick Donaldson

© 2017