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"Exhibition design with Nicolas Robel"

In 2012, an illustrator/publisher from Geneva came to our university to propose an exhibition project. Basically, Nicolas Robel wanted to showcase his work in a more daring way, not just on paper, in comic books. He wanted to bring people into his world and show them what he saw and how he worked.

We found out a lot about his background, his childhood and what he held dear. We then set out to recreate that world in the exhibition. One of his interests were tree houses and the little hiding place where you imagine stories as a child. And his story here was a plane crashing into the house during a storm, the house where he had pinned up his little drawings and recreated his imaginary worlds.

As the visitor walks through the exhibition, he will be able to see Nicolas’s work in the walls of the cabin and look through them. The sound of a rain storm, the motor of the plane trying to start up again and the flapping of a flag can be heard. On the opening night, pancakes were made out of the four printing colours and then screenprinted with the letters “DIY” to delight the visitors and show the audacity of the illustrator.


Pierre Barada
Jéromine Beuchat
Marina Buckel
Patrick Donaldson
Roxane Doswald
Marion Erard
Océane Izard
Charlotte Lancry
Marie Marcon
Lucien Mottet
Mathilde Pelletier
Mélissa Pisler
Camille Rattoni
Saskia Vellas
Guillaume Zwaan
Baptiste Coulon

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