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"On Evolution-Assisted Design (EAD) by computers"

The theory of evolution was possibly the most crucial discovery in the history of mankind. Its changes in the field of biology were ground-breaking. With further research, it has also impacted the field of computing and given rise to some of the most powerful software and hardware used today. However, the impact in the field of design seems not to have taken place. Why is this so? Why would such a powerful algorithm as the one for evolution be ignored in the process of design?

I naively thought I would find a revolutionary method that would change the process of design forever. I thought media designs could become autonomous self-evolving digital organisms, exceeding their expected lifetime, forever adapting to the needs of the designer.

With a short historical overview and a piecemeal decomposition of the evolutionary dynamics based on books such as On the Origin of Species by Darwin and The Selfish Gene by Dawkins, this thesis attempts to show the relevance and potential usefulness of Evolution-Assisted Design by computers. Through case analyses and the creation of genetic algorithms, one will see why the creation of autonomously evolving designs cannot happen in a desired fashion without the careful interventions of a watchful guardian. Nevertheless, certain solutions may permit designers to consider the use of such algorithms for their own adaptable projects ; forcing the designer to adopt a radically different approach.


Patrick Donaldson
Daniel Pinkas

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