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Wagen Wagner

"An extension to the Geneva Wagner Festival"

During a festival about Richard Wagner, my class and I were invited to participate in the creation of an archive to compliment the experiences of the festival. After the accumulation of hours of content such as video and sound, we decided to produce a leporelo and a website that would work hand in hand.

The final experience was decomposed into five chapters: an introduction, three main acts, and a conclusion. These chapters explore the genesis of the festival, its aesthetic, and its transmission through the ages. You may still experience the music and the produced videos on the Wagen Wagner Website created by Camille Rattoni and myself.


Pierre Barada
Jéromine Beuchat
Marina Buckel
Patrick Donaldson
Roxane Doswald
Marion Erard
Océane Izard
Charlotte Lancry
Marie Marcon
Lucien Mottet
Mathilde Pelletier
Mélissa Pisler
Camille Rattoni
Saskia Vellas
Guillaume Zwaan
HEAD - Geneva

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